ABD Verification

Register here for the Lead ABD Verification Only

ABD = Assisted Braking Device.

As of 1st June 2017, ALL belayers are only allowed to use an Assisted Braking Device (ABD).
Non-ABD (tubular devices, fig. 8, etc) will be prohibited.

The following groups are required to display their necessary verification tags to climb/belay:

  1. Lead climber and Lead belayer – 1st June 2017
  2. Top Rope Belayer – 1st January 2018

This new verification is still applicable for climbers with a climbing certification. (You will be issued with the new verification tag upon successful verification which would allow you to belay within GroundUp  / Climb Central / Onsight Climbing premises.)


Please do note the following:

  • If you already have the lead verification tag, you need not go for the top rope verification
  • You will be required to sign up in pairs for the verification
  • You are required to bring your own equipment INCLUDING an ABD (rental will only be subjected to availability)
  • Re-test can only be made after at least 1 month from the previous verification


All participants are advised to read up on the matrix before attending the verification.

Please click here for the Top Rope Matrix

Please click here for the Lead Matrix

For ABD Top Rope Verification, it will be on a walk-in basis only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Friday. (Subjected to availability of instructor)

For ABD Lead Verification (Wed and Sundays only), sign up below:

Register here for the ABD Lead Verification Only