ABD Workshop

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ABD = Assisted Braking Device.

As of 1st June 2017, ALL belayers are only allowed to use an Assisted Braking Device (ABD).
Non-ABD (tubular devices, fig. 8, etc) will be prohibited.

The following groups are required to display their necessary verification tags to climb/belay:

  1. Lead climber and Lead belayer – 1st June 2017
  2. Top Rope Belayer – 1st January 2018


First came the sticht plate, then the fig 8s, tubular device and assisted braking device. With the constant improvement in technology, and introducing new belay devices, these developments do make an impact on the improvement of belaying standards which contributes to providing a safer climbing environment for all.

This workshop is designed to allow climbers a hands-on some of the ABDs under supervision. We will be introducing the Mammut Smart and Trango Cinch for the workshop. We will share the difference between the devices, the proper way to rig up the devices. We will also highlight the good and bad habits of a belayer as a recap. Participants may take this workshop as a refresher as well.


Participants are required to be SNCS Level 1 or 2 certified to attend the ABD Workshop.

Note: Participants will not receive the new tag at the end of the workshop.

Workshop fee is $10.00/pax.

Register for the ABD Workshop here