Basic Climbing Technique Workshop

Getting the fundamentals right

Just started rock climbing and amazed by how smoothly the other climbers in the climbing gym ascend the wall? Let us tell you a secret – it is not all about upper body and finger strength! More importantly, it is about how the climber position their body and the way they move, and a good climber will be able to perform these steps right. If you are newer to the sport or feel that you have trouble nailing down the basics of the sport, do consider joining us for our Basic Climbing Technique workshop! Our friendly and experienced instructors will teach, observe and correct the way you climb, so that you get to learn the fundamentals of climbing and the techniques involved.

Structured lesson plan

The workshop, which will be conducted over 4 weeks, aims to remove any inefficiencies in the participant’s climbing by teaching proper movement and body positioning on the wall, in addition to basic climbing techniques. The instructor will be following a lesson plan to ensure that each lesson is as fruitful as possible, with everybody on track and taking away something useful at the end of the day after each lesson.

No one gets left behind

For our workshop, we ensure that each participant gets ample attention from the instructor by capping the maximum class size to 6 participants. This way, the instructor is able to monitor each participant’s progress closely, and enhance the quality of each lesson. With the small class size, participants not only learn more, but also faster. Regardless of the participant’s climbing ability, the instructor will see to it that everyone in the class progress equally throughout the period of the workshop.


16 years old and above

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