Bouldering Gym Singapore


Worry not – turn to bouldering!
Bouldering is the act of climbing on walls that are usually 5 metres in height and without the use of a rope and a harness. In addition, instead of climbing up, you have the option of traversing (i.e. climbing sideways on the wall so you don’t have to go up!) However, do not underestimate bouldering – it is a great way to challenge and train your dynamism and power. Boulder routes, although shorter than top-rope or lead climbing ones, can contain moves that make you jump high and further. It is all very exhilarating!






Your first time in a boulder gym may be daunting and confusing. Not to worry. Here’s a little intro: our boulder problems are graded and identified by different coloured tapes and series of handholds. When you enter, bear in mind to keep a lookout for our colour chart posters. They will guide you through. When you spot a handhold that is accompanied or close to a set of double tapes of the same colour, it means that it is either the start or the end of a route. The handhold with the double tapes at the top is the last tile of the route. Throughout any one boulder problem, you are only allowed to touch and step on those handholds (i.e. handholds of the same coloured tapes). To finish the boulder problem, both hands have to be on the last tile for 3 seconds or so. Sometimes, there will be volumes and features on the wall that you can use and are part of the boulder problem, so look around!



That’s why we’ve lined up thick and comfy crash pads all around the boulder area to cushion your fall. Furthermore, not all bouldering routes contain that powerful, dynamic element. At Ground Up Climbing gym, our walls are divided into five sections: from the friendly but technical and flat slab wall to the aggressive and more powerful inclined wall. Our route setters do their best in setting routes from a variety of styles so as to cater to different climbers, and help you become an all-rounded climber. We have routes with gradings from V-B (easy peasy) all the way to V8+ (this is crazy hard!), so as you get more comfy and stronger over time, you can progress upwards, track your performance and feel a great sense of accomplishment!





Kids just have this innate desire to explore movements, and now, without the restriction of a rope, they can traverse and climb freely, as they please! It will even work to the kid’s advantage if he or she is afraid of heights. Boulder problems also work their problem-solving skills, motor skills and build muscles.



Please watch out for falling climbers! Do not sit in the “falling zone”. And, always be aware of climbers on the wall and be sure NOT to climb over or under them. Safety is number one!