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Safety is our priority
Rock climbing is sometimes considered an extreme sport that carries its own risks. We want you to understand that as we climb higher, the higher the risk of falling, but that does not mean it is not safe or fun. As the same with driving, there is safe driving and it is fun, but there are other factors that contribute to risks. With that, it is a basic requirement to obtain at least a basic safety certification for fun and safe climbing! You can trust Ground Up to guide you.

Did you know?
This young sport of rock climbing is growing rapidly in Singapore, with increasing popularity especially in the recent years. Due to climbing being a relatively new sport both locally and internationally, a set of national climbing standards and safety guideline were needed to nurture and steer the sport. Being the pioneers with a passion for rock climbing, the Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) promulgated a set of national standard and guidelines needed to ensure the safety of new and young climbers. SMF believed for the sport to develop and progress, safety and performance standards needed to be maintained at the highest possible level. Rest assured that Ground Up shares the same view and follows strict safety requirements.

Singapore Mountaineering Federation introduced SNCS Certification
After two years of fine tuning and discussion together with experienced climbing instructors and the SMF committee, in 1998, SMF together with the Singapore Sports Council released the Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS). Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS) is fully endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council and is administered and regulated by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation.