Corporate Team Building

Our Corporate team building stands out as we incorporate team building games into our climbing activity! Suitable for above 21 and varying physical fitness!

Our programme ensures that all participants get involved in the challenges despite the varying physical fitness of the group! Whether you like brain games or more inclined to brawn-fest, we’ll be able to customize the challenges suitable to the needs of your group.

We have a set of 2 or more games aimed at cross- department interaction or if you have a game/challenge that you want to incorporate, let us know! We also do non-climbing activities if there are more than 40 people!

Starting at a basic 2-hour session (with an extension to a 3-hour session) our instructors will guide and facilitate your group throughout the challenges!

COST: $40 per pax (2-hour session) and $52 per pax (3-hour session)


Teambuilding & Bonding

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