Kids & Toddlers Climbing

Empower Them with Strong Minds

Once you’ve had a hand at the sport, you will be delighted to find that rock climbing demands more than just pure upper-body strength. All rock climbers have to be good problem-solvers and be quick on their feet, as every moment spent on the wall is energy-draining. Scaling the wall, your child will have to figure out which holds to grab, what the best way to grab each hold is, and how to position his or her body. That’s a lot to think about in a few seconds! Even when he or she is not on the wall and resting in between climbs, he or she will be constantly thinking about better sequences or climbing paths in order to finish the climbs.

Alex Johnson, a World Cup climber from the USA who has a slew of medals under her belt, once said, “…the mental side of climbing is often overlooked. The movement in climbing up a route often demands body awareness and problem-solving.”

Do you now see how climbing is not only a physical workout but also an intense mental workout? Through climbing, your child will learn how to strategise and implement his or her strategies. Planning and executing: these are important life skills that your child will need to learn in order to achieve his or her goals in his or her future endeavours.