Kids Rock Climbing Party

Throw An Unforgettable Party For Your Kids

Getting bored of conventional birthday parties, and looking to throw an amazing party that will be remembered by your kids and their friends for years to come? A Ground Up climbing party is exactly what you need! Join us for 2 hours of fun-filled adventure where we make sure your kids are having a blast with our awesome climbing and party games. Our experienced and engaging instructors will ensure that there will be plenty of smiles and laughter all around while simultaneously ensuring that safety measures are not compromised amidst all the fun. After this amazing climbing party, your kids are definitely going to be seen as the cool kids amongst their friends!

Take a break and leave it to us!

We all know how busy and taxing it can get sometimes when you are overloaded with numerous preparations leading up to your kid’s birthday, just to ensure that they get the best experience possible on their special day. Let our team join you in the planning and together, we can work towards making the day a truly memorable one for your kid. We will allocate an area right beside our climbing wall, with a table and 2 benches provided by us, where the kids can conveniently grab their snacks while cheering on their friends on the walls. We also have a nice photobooth area!

You are welcome to bring along your own food and drinks and birthday cake as well Our fridge is pretty small though). The party area will be set up 15 minutes before the party commences, and it will be kept open for 30 minutes afterwards. Feel free to bring along any decorations too, and we will assist in putting those up as well!

No experience needed

Worried about the kids going for the party who are new to rock climbing? Fret not! Zero prior experience is needed for the kids to have a wonderful time at our climbing party. We have plenty of kids-friendly climbing walls around the gym, and the sense of achievement that they get when they reach the top is indescribable. Under the guidance of our qualified instructors, your kids will be able to climb to their hearts desire, and it is common to hear squeals of delight and cheering as kids race their friends to the top of the wall!

Party Details

Note: Minimum of 8 participants required to book a party session.




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