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[text_DD]Starting September 2014, Ground Up Climbing Academy will launch our Kids Rock Climbing Programme in Singapore. This weekly group lesson for children aged between 7 and 12 will feature a whole lot of fun-filled games and activities for kids to learn the ropes of rock climbing, conquer any fear of heights, develop their motor skills and make new friends! 

The Programme starts 6 September 2014 (Saturday) and lasts for 8 weeks. Kids who sign up get a free Ground Up Climbing Academy T-shirt and Log Book. More details in the poster below. 
The Programme will cover areas such as skills and techniques of top rope rock climbing and bouldering, safety components of the rock climbing equipment, team-building games and slacklining.Drop us an email or call, if you have any questions about Ground Up Climbing Academy’s Kids Rock Climbing Programme. We’ll be more than glad to help!