Kids Fun Climb/ Taster

Indulge Your Kids In 2 Hours Of Fun

A guided climbing session where participants can get to experience the thrill of climbing while under the supervision of our instructors! Rock climbing is a sport which kids will want to try out, and this 2-hour guided session is the best opportunity to let your kids experience the joy of scaling a wall. Kids with their high-energy levels will find it difficult to keep themselves away from climbing all over the place, so what are you waiting for? Sign them up today!

Keep fit while enjoying themselves!

With the assortment of colourful climbing holds strewn all over our climbing walls, your kids will love to put their hands all over them! Rock climbing is so much fun that they will not even see it as a form of exercise, unlike most other forms of sports. If you find that your kids are spending too much time glued to their phones or computers at home, why not bring them down to our climbing gym and get their bodies moving!

Friendly and experienced instructors

Rock climbing is not just about using your arms to pull yourselves up the walls; think of it like a huge puzzle on the wall that your kids will need to solve! We have our engaging and knowledgeable instructors around to help your kids progress up the walls, and to achieve their goals for the day. We also do our best on our part to ensure that each kid is given adequate attention from the instructors by keeping a low student-instructor ratio.

Try out different forms of climbing

In the span of two hours, your kid will be exposed to multiple types of climbing such as top rope climbing, climbing on auto-belay and bouldering. Different kids enjoy different types of climbing so we thought: why not just let them try out all? With so many different types of climbing, your kid will be spoilt for choice. We guarantee that once will not be enough for them and before you know it, they will be begging you for more trips to satisfy their craving to climb!

Class Details

Note: Minimum of 8 participants required to book a session.

Youth (Below 18 years old): $27.00 for 2 hours & $40.00 for 3 hours.



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