Lead Introductory Class

Register for the Lead Introductory Class here

Our in house lead introductory class is a follow on from our in house Top Rope Belay Class.
As this is a more advanced class, we highly recommend that participants keen to sign up to be able to climb a 6A grade on top rope and has been actively belaying for the past 6 months.

This class introduces participants on how to lead belay and lead climb using an ABD in a gym setting only.
Participants may register for the new Lead verification after 24 hours from their Lead Intro Class date.
Participants will not receive any certificate at the end of the class

– Min. 13 years old (Must have turned 13 years old on the date of the course)
– Possess a SNCS Level 1 certificate or has attended our Top Rope Belay Class.

Workshop fee is $40.00/pax.

Register for the Lead Introductory Class here