Rock Climbing Camp

Singapore’s Most Anticipated Rock Climbing Camp

The most anticipated rock climbing camp in Singapore by Ground Up Climbing Gym is back – at last! This time round, your child can expect nothing less than loads of top-rope climbing, bouldering and fun-filled climbing games. Our team has put together a three-day rock climbing camp filled with non-stop adrenaline-pumping and climbing fun that your kids will surely enjoy. It is a more exciting alternative compared to other traditional camps and a fun way to keep kids off the couch this holidays. Rock climbing has been shown to improve focus, instil confidence and boost both physical and mental strength. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Safety comes first.

In case you are worried about safety, we got you well covered. Our coaches are certified and safety is definitely our number one priority. From the pre-climb checks to the periodic verbal checks, we always make sure that our kids are ready before we begin any climbing activity. We keep a small student-to-coach ratio in our camp so as to ensure the safety of every child. This way, you can be rest assured that your child is in the right hands and that they will be getting the right amount of attention that they need.

Note: All climbing equipment, such as climbing harnesses, helmets and belay devices, has undergone thorough and proper checks.

Kids should be having fun!

Kids who have attended our rock climbing camps simply love our camps! It is such a joy to watch them forge good friendships with one another through rock climbing and games. Most kids from our previous camps continue to come back as they simply cannot get enough of all that we offer. The uniquely rewarding experience is something that they will never forget.

Do check out what some of our clients have to say below. Ground Up Climbing Gym’s rock climbing camp is guaranteed to keep your kids entertained. So, hesitate no more – let your kids make new friends and pick up new skills while conquering the wall and participating in fun activities!

Learning and playing at the same time

Rock climbing is a sport that requires not only upper body strength but also a whole variety of techniques. Your kids will pick these up from our certified and experienced coaches during our camp, who promise to make it an enjoyable learning process for them at the same time.

Throughout our camp, we will teach your kids everything from the basics, such as a proper warm up, to more advanced stuff, such as training workouts that will improve their climbing. Who said that learning has to be boring?

What Our Kids Say

Climbed and played games. Yay! I want to do more tomorrow. Double Yay!

Rio Sanda

10 years old

Climbed up walls. We learnt how to prepare for a climb and played duck duck goose and get to hop around. Feeling happy!

Sienna Nixon-rice

9 years old

We played “pikachu” and we did five climbs. The guys in my class are very nice!

Florian Henke

8 years old

We climbed 6 times and played two games. Coach Yong made fun challenges and Coach Nick gave out food at break time. It was great! Hannah Lum Si Ping

9 years old

What Our Parents Say

My children has so much fun they are still talking about it. They had been to many different kinds of camps, but yours stands out as one of the best. I just hope you have another camp next summer.

Mrs Lynnette Leong

Parent of Kid's Camp Participant

Camp Details

Age: 5 -14 years old

18th to 20th Dec

Time: 9-12 daily

Venue: Ground Up Climbing Gym (Level 2, 60 Tessensohn Road, 217664)

Price Per Camp Session: $300 per student