Rock Climbing For Adults & Corporate

Look good and feel good!

Ditch the dumbbells and weight machines – rock climbing is a fun way to get the whole body workout you are looking for. Anyone can try out rock climbing regardless of their physical strength. You may be surprised but climbing actually develops lean muscles and strengthens your core muscles better than any exercise routine that was designed for that. The core stabilises the body and builds a stronger, less injury-prone body.

Rock climbing also complements and boosts performance in other sports by developing a wide range of muscle groups. It also doesn’t hurt to be participating in a sport that lets you enjoy some great photo opportunities as well!

De-stress and unwind after work

Nothing marks the end of a long day at the office better than doing a sport which helps you to kick back and relax, while pumping your adrenaline at the same time! Swap your plain office shirts and dress shoes for a comfy sports top and a pair of climbing shoes – it is time to hit the climbing gym with your climbing coach!

Awaiting you is a stress-busting session that will leave you eager for more. On the climbing wall, you will give it your all and in return, your stress will be taken away from you. When you are climbing, you will be concentrating on every movement of the body with only one goal in mind – to reach the top. The struggle with gravity will leave you feeling almost like you are drifting away from the real world.

After a session of rigorous climbing, you will find yourself with a clearer mind, having peaked out on your endorphin levels. Nothing will be better than a good climbing session at the end of a day for those who lead busy and stressful lifestyles but still yearn to live healthily. At the same time, getting to the top of the climbing wall will always be a great confidence booster, regardless of the number of times you have conquered the wall before!

Great way to expand your social network

Even though you may be alone while you are up on the wall, you will never be climbing all by yourself. Your coach will always be there with you, guiding you and giving you moral support when the route seems insurmountable.

The climbing community is also known to be very warm, outgoing and approachable. You will be surprised at how many new friends you will be making at the climbing gym just within the first few weeks. Sometimes, when you face difficulty on the wall, you might even hear shouts of encouragements from climbers you might not yet know. Soon, you’ll be fist-bumping them and cheering for them too.

When you get comfortable, you might even decide to call your own climbing buddy along and enjoy the benefits of coaching together. Having someone learn and grow with you affords you the opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, which is important for everyone’s climbing journey. As much as climbing is an individual sport, the community plays a huge role too. The gym is where you will truly forge some great memories with your climbing coach and buddies. Don’t forget to smile for the camera when you end that gruelling session and smash those climbing routes! At the end of the day, remember it’s all about having fun and leaving the gym with a broad grin on your face.


Is climbing good for me?

Rock climbing is a sport that works and tones up the entire body. You’ll surely be able to flaunt that sizzling hot beach body in no time 😉 

Aside from looking fabulous, you’ll also find that climbing is a great alternative to typical workouts such as running and pulling weights. Through solving routes on the wall, you inadvertently find adrenaline and joy pulsing through you – all while strengthening the muscles and challenging the mind! That’s two birds with one stone you got there.

And if you need another reason, well, climbing actions are great for mobilising your joints too. In the long term, this helps to prevent any issues regarding the joints.

What do I have to bring along?
We highly recommend wearing a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of long pants or tights, especially if you are afraid of abrasions. Also, bring along a pair of socks. Climbing gear and shoes are provided for you.
Where is the lesson conducted?
60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664 (Climb Asia Climbing Centre)

Get healthy, get strong!

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