Rock Climbing For Adults & Corporate

Look good and feel good!

Ditch the dumbbells and weight machines – rock climbing is a fun way to get the whole body workout you are looking for. Anyone can try out rock climbing regardless of their physical strength.

You may be surprised but climbing actually develops lean muscles and strengthens your core muscles better than any exercise routine that was designed for that. The core stabilises the body and builds a stronger, less injury-prone body.

Even better, get to know new people, exchange contacts and maximise your networking through a new medium!

De-stress and unwind after work

Nothing marks the end of a long day at the office better than doing a sport which helps you to kick back and relax, while pumping your adrenaline at the same time! Swap your plain office shirts and dress shoes for a comfy sports top and a pair of climbing shoes – it is time to hit the climbing gym with your climbing coach!

Nothing will be better than a good climbing session at the end of a day for those who lead busy and stressful lifestyles but still yearn to live healthily.


Is climbing good for me?

Rock climbing is a sport that works and tones up the entire body. You’ll surely be able to flaunt that sizzling hot beach body in no time 😉 

Aside from looking fabulous, you’ll also find that climbing is a great alternative to typical workouts such as running and pulling weights. Through solving routes on the wall, you inadvertently find adrenaline and joy pulsing through you – all while strengthening the muscles and challenging the mind! That’s two birds with one stone you got there.

And if you need another reason, well, climbing actions are great for mobilising your joints too. In the long term, this helps to prevent any issues regarding the joints.

What do I have to bring along?
We highly recommend wearing a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of long pants or tights, especially if you are afraid of abrasions. Also, bring along a pair of socks. Climbing gear and shoes are provided for you.
Where is the lesson conducted?
60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664 (Climb Asia Climbing Centre)

Get healthy, get strong!

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