Rock Climbing For Beginners

Are you a beginner at rock climbing? Did you catch sight of a cool climbing video or heard from your friends about how exhilarating rock climbing is? Itching to try your hands on the sport but don’t know where or how to start? Ground Up Climbing Academy has the right beginner rock climbing class for you.

Customised Climbing Programme for You

To get you started on this addictive and adrenaline-pumping sport, we first need to understand you and your fitness goals. We were once beginners too and afraid to try something new. So, Ground Up Climbing Academy has got you covered.

Treat our coaches as your friends and climb stress-free together, letting them guide you up the wall naturally and easily. Your coaches will then pick up your climbing goals, even if you may be unsure of what they are at the start, and guide you along the way. As you get into the groove of climbing, you may form a clearer idea of what you hope to achieve through climbing. Chat with your coach/friend again then, who will then take you to greater heights!

Step-by-step Learning

Concerned that you’ll need a lot of upper body strength to get up the wall but you don’t? Or have a fear of heights? Or are you simply looking to strengthen and tone up your muscles with an alternative workout?

Rock climbing can be an intensive sport, but we fully understand that training is progressive because we, too, are rock climbers. That’s why our coaching philosophy is progressiveness.

Rock climbing is a sport that engages the entire body, not just the upper body. Legs are, a lot of the times, more crucial in getting you up the wall than the arms. As for the fear of heights, your coaches will place you within your comfort zones, letting you climb higher progressively and at your own pace. Our muscles and fingers need time to get stronger and accustomed to the demands of climbing but expect to come back after every session feeling the gains!

What will be taught in the lesson

Not only will you have tons of fun climbing routes on top rope and bouldering, but you will also learn the fundamentals of rock climbing and practise rock climbing techniques. Depending on your fitness goals, you may even do some body conditioning exercises that are specific to climbing. With time, you might even be able to capture yourself on video doing a cool move. Sounds awesome for a beginner rock climber? Sign up with us today!

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Is climbing good for me?

Rock climbing is a sport that works and tones up the entire body. You’ll surely be able to flaunt that sizzling hot beach body in no time 😉 

Aside from looking fabulous, you’ll also find that climbing is a great alternative to typical workouts such as running and pulling weights. Through solving routes on the wall, you inadvertently find adrenaline and joy pulsing through you – all while strengthening the muscles and challenging the mind! That’s two birds with one stone you got there.

And if you need another reason, well, climbing actions are great for mobilising your joints too. In the long term, this helps to prevent any issues regarding the joints.

What do I have to bring along?
We highly recommend wearing a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of long pants or tights, especially if you are afraid of abrasions. Also, bring along a pair of socks. Climbing gear and shoes are provided for you.
Where is the lesson conducted?

60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664 (Ground Up Climbing)

Get healthy, get strong!

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