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When it comes to our kids, we will naturally want what is best for them. At a young age when they have almost unlimited growth potential, it is best to pick out activities that will nurture and develop their potential in multiple ways. So…say hello to rock climbing!

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that develops not only the body but also the mind. Whether you are new or experienced, the wave of satisfaction that overwhelms every rock climber when he or she finally finishes a route is equally exhilarating. Frequent exposure to this sense of satisfaction which is brought about by one’s own abilities will build self-confidence. Insecurities are experienced by every kid, and if left unattended, they will leave the child with a poor self-image. Let’s not let this happen to our children – let’s take them rock climbing!

Few people think this, but rock climbing is actually a sport anyone can pick up, regardless of their natural talent and base strength levels. Worried that rock climbing won’t garner a girl’s interest? Fret not. Rock climbing is in fact filled with variety – there are infinite possibilities and ranges of movements that rock climbers can be exposed to on the wall with some simple shifting and tweaking of the tiles. Your daughters are guaranteed to be entertained and engaged while monkeying around in the climbing gym. Even if they were to slip and fall, rest assured that they are in a safe and controlled environment. They are under the watchful eyes of our certified coaches, who always ensures that all safety measures are in place. Your daughters will be able to explore outside of their comfort zones and build confidence even from their slips and mistakes. Of course, whatever we and they do, safety is always first.

Young girls are breaking world records too!

Taking the rock climbing world by storm is the legendary 15-year-old Ashima Shiraishi, who recently wowed the climbing community by finishing Horizon – an extremely difficult boulder in Japan that is graded V15 (P.S.: That’s jaw-dropping because the highest possible grade so far for any boulder is V16!). This makes her the youngest person – and girl! – to ever finish a boulder of such a high difficulty.

It is common for many of us to doubt the capabilities and potential of girls in comparison to that of their male counterparts. But it is a different world when it comes to rock climbing. Girls have the ability to outperform boys on the wall, regardless of how strong and skilled the boys may seem. Perhaps because guys in general are too reliant on their brute strength when they rock climb, instead of using proper climbing techniques to scale a route. Girls, however, tend to use their feet and body to get into the right body positions. Also, the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio means that girls will more likely enjoy an easier time moving themselves up the wall, while boys struggle to haul their much heavier bodies up.

With proper guidance and instruction by our experienced coaches who will implement a safe and structured training programme, your daughter can start developing her abilities from a young age and outdo boys who may think that girls are no match for them! Who knows, what your daughter may become? 😉

What your daughter can expect

Girls in, boys out! The Ground Up Climbing Academy rock climbing programme for girls is tailored only for girls.

With us, your daughter can expect to enjoy manageable top-rope climbing, stretch herself with some challenging boulder problems as well as delight in a variety of climbing games that develop courage, perseverance, optimism, strength and balance, as well as individuality. All these while making new friends and exploring new frontiers in the comfort of our certified and reliable coaches!

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