Taster Session

Step Into The World Of Rock Climbing

Always wanted to introduce yourself to an adventure sport but never knew where to start, or afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone? Hesitate no more! Join us for our taster session where you will get to experience the thrilling and exhilarating sport of rock climbing, under the professional guidance of our experienced instructors. This one-hour class will expose you to most of the different types of climbing that indoor gyms in Singapore have to offer, and will be the stepping stone for your journey into rock climbing!

3 Disciplines In 1 Hour!

Never had a chance to try out rock climbing because none of your friends are proficient enough to belay you? Fret no more! With our taster session, all the belaying will be carried out by our instructors, and all you need to do is to work hard on the walls! With 3 different types of climbing to try, ranging from top-rope climbing to auto-belay and bouldering, we make sure that the hour spent with us is solely dedicated to picking up the sport of rock climbing!

Nothing Is Required!

New to rock climbing and lacking the fancy gear you see everyone else in the gym donning? No worries as we will provide all the equipment you need for a good climbing session. All we ask of you to bring along is a thirst for adrenaline, and the desire to try! This way, you will figure out which type of climbing you want to try out more during your next visit to our climbing gym.

Class Details

Note: Minimum of 1 to 3 participants required to book a session.

Rates: $40/pax

Duration: 1 hour

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