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Ground Up’s Fun Climb programme is a guided climbing session suitable for beginners and mixed-aged groups. Our friendly and experienced instructors will ensure safety as they guide participants through both high wall climbing and bouldering.

Try out different forms of climbing

In the span of two hours, you will get to experience 3 types of climbing in a guided and safe environment:

  • Automatic-belay climbing

  • Bouldering

  • Top-rope climbing (belayed by our instructors) – if time permitted.

A Fun, Progressive & Holistic Approach

Safety briefings, equipment checks and explanation of the safety aspects will all be covered! So just enjoy your time off work or school and enjoy the session, working out your muscles!


Requirements: 10 to 30 pax

Rates: $38/pax 

Duration: 2 hours

*We require a min of 3 weeks notice in advance before the event date.

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