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Progressive classes that are catered for kids and youth who

are interested in taking up climbing as a sport. The classes explores climbing skills & techniques, understanding the mechanics of the body with games, activities & challenges  to ensure that your kids have fun as well. 

Certificate of participation as well as a medal will be awarded to the child after completing every syllabus.

Exceeding All Expectations

A strong body and a strong mind, for sure! Through challenging boulder problems and top-rope climbing,

both indoors and outdoors, your child will develop

healthy bodies and sharp minds.

At Ground Up Climbing, rock climbing classes for kids are differentiated into three categories: beginner, advanced and competitive. This ensures that what we teach is best customised to their abilities. Starting with proper balance and simple rock climbing techniques, your child will advance to learning more technical and challenging movements and climbing problems.


Ground Up Climbing’s rock climbing classes for kids are held in a fun, nurturing and conducive environment which encourages our children to keep trying and never give up.

Our warm and approachable coaches will also track your child’s progress through a personal logbook and a debrief at the end of each lesson. With this progressive approach, your child learns rock climbing from the ground up.

A Fun, Progressive
& Holistic Approach

Rock climbing for kids is the fun way to go.

Look no further, come and get them up the wall!

Getting them involved in rock climbing as a regular activity, instead of leaving them with their electronic gadgets, can provide them with a wide range of developmental benefits – improve their focus and concentration, strengthen their bodies, refine their coordination and motor skills, advance their mental capabilities such as problem solving abilities and develop their characters through teaching them resilience and perseverance. 

Class Info:

Once a week (Saturday or Sunday), over 8 weeks
Time: 10.00–12.00 / 12.15-14.15 / 14.30-16.30
Fees: $360 for 8 lessons / $50 for Trial Class

I. Developmental Class 

Children are natural climbers. An early rock climbing education will give your child a head start to his or her developmental growth and well being.

Class will focus more on confidence building and character development. The classes will not be very technique oriented and will comprise of more games and fun challenges to engage the kids.

Class Info:

Once a week (Saturday or Sunday),over 8 weeks
Time: 10.00–12.00 / 12.15-14.15 / 14.30-16.30 
Fees: $360 for 8 lessons / $50 for Trial Class

II. Technique Class

There are three levels in the technique class:

BRONZE ~ The class will teach the kids basics for climbing. Such as how to wear the harness, operating the Auto-belay, bouldering. And they will learn about basic footwork and techniques in this class. The class is perfect for any kid that wants a good start in climbing.


SILVER ~ The class will continue from where the beginner class ended, and more climbing techniques will be covered in this class. Kids will also learn how to Top rope belay safely in the climbing gym.


GOLD ~ The Advance class will continue from where the intermediate class ended, and will include fun and advanced climbing moves and techniques such as dynos and gastons. The kids will also get to experience dynamic climbing, such as stuntwerk, which combines parkour and climbing. Dynamic climbing requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, as well as timing in order to complete the route. The kids will also try and learn Lead Climbing and/or belaying.

It’s the first time I see my 2 girls so passionate about a sport. My younger daughter, Lauren, has become much more confident in herself since she started climbing, and my older daughter, Christen, amazes us with the moves she makes. They love the coaches and look forward to climbing lessons every week.


Parent of Kids Class

Ground Up Climbing Academy provides classes that matches the kids age and skill level. Ashton started rock climbing when he was 5 plus. He enjoys his classes so much that he is always looking forward to attending the classes on Saturdays. He tells me that his coaches looks after him well and are all very patient with him. The best part about the classes with ground up is that they Incorporate games during classes to engage the kids and keep them interested.


I must say that after doing rock climbing, Ashton has become more independent and disciplined.


Parent of Kids Class

When my son trains with Ground Up, I know that he is in good hands. Those good hands are of genuine, caring people who have the children’s total welfare at heart. The coaches go beyond the disciplined training program to also incorporate important life values and character building into their lessons.


Training is always filled with challenges and FUN. Great fun in a safe and respectful environment. What more could one ask for?


Parent of Kids Class

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