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Worry not – turn to bouldering!
Bouldering is the act of climbing on walls that are usually 5 metres in height and without the use of a rope and a harness.Boulder routes, although shorter than top-rope or lead climbing ones, can contain moves that make you jump high and further. It is all very exhilarating!


That’s why we’ve lined up thick and comfy crash pads all around the boulder area to cushion your fall.  At Ground Up Climbing gym, our walls are divided into five sections: from the friendly but technical and flat slab wall to the aggressive and more powerful inclined wall.


Kids just have this innate desire to explore movements, and now, without the restriction of a rope, they can traverse and climb freely, as they please! Boulder problems also work their problem-solving skills, motor skills and build muscles.

Level 1 Bouldering

 With two levels of boulder, we have

a range of routes for you!

At our level 1 boulder, we have circuit available for you to train your footwork. You can even set your own routes using the tiles we have

on the wall!

Level 2 Bouldering

Unlike our level 1 boulder, level 2 boulder is filled with routes of ranging difficulties for you to try

and complete! Our boulder routes are labelled with color tags that indicate their difficulty levels.

To complete a route, both hands have to be on the last tile.

Training Deck

 Want to train your finger strength? We have a training deck above boulder level 2 which is filled

with all sorts of hang boards

for you to try!

Indoor Bouldering

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