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Afiq Ayub

Marketing Executive

Afiq is a curious guy who loves to be in foreign spaces and diving into the unknown for the thrill of uncertainty. Climbing is one of them. His first ever ascend was a highwall in Sarimbun Camp whilst on a camping trip with the boyscouts in his primary school. He fell in love with the adrenaline rush of climbing and the outdoor life eversince.

After being in various workfields, he realize that the skills & experiences accumulated throughout would resonate well in a climbing gym. Working here at Ground Up has broaden his knowledge in most of the things he practices – specially woodworking and graphic design. It also caters to his thirst for climbing and also paved the ideal resistance of working in a fast-pace city.

“Climbing is a very challenging sport physically and mentally. The more I climb, the more I understand the mechanics of my body. As I progress, I got calmer when faced with harder routes. It is like meditation – your balance, focus, breathing are being closely monitored and that soothes my soul, knowing that I could be calm under pressure.”

Afiq Ayub
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