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Beatrix Chong

Founder and Director

One of the most accomplished competition climbers in Singapore, Beatrix started climbing in 2000 and has been a National climber from 2001-2009 representing Singapore in various international competitions. Winning more than 60 medals locally and overseas, she still holds the record as the only Singaporean to win medals for both Boulder and Speed in the individual event in Asian Championship. On the side, some notable achievements include overall 1st in bouldering in SEA climbing circuit 2005, 4th in speed World Cup Climbing Circuit 2006 (Malaysia), Silver-medalist in Asia X-Games and featured in Singapore Book of Records.

Beatrix has been coaching competitive climbing teams since 2004 and is now the Master coach for the Ground Up Youth Team and appointed as Singapore National Coach in 2019. She continued getting certifications for coaching such as qualified climbing instructor (SSCMF & CWA) and is a qualified swimming instructor (Sport SG). She is also the creator of Movement Immersion, a climbing program that provides slightly different training methods from what we have always perceived coaching for climbing to be. Her aim is to help climbers to understand how to efficiently scale up the wall.

These days Beatrix spends most of her time teaching, engaging with the climbers. She hopes to nurture the young future athletes of Sinagpore to dare to dream big like Joseph Schooling and recreational climbers to improve and reach their climbing goals with her knowledge in climbing.

“While coaching can get instant satisfaction from students’ results, running a gym is pure hard work. Results come slow but satisfaction is greater”


Beatrix Chong
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