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Programmes Executive

Syafiq is an avid fitness enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge with others. He started his journey with free weight training and calisthenics long before he completed his diploma in Sports Science. Throughout his journey of gaining experience and certification, Syafiq has continually taught youths and adults alike.

He started climbing in 2019 as a fun alternative to working out. Ever since, he has developed a lot of self-confidence and the ability to maintain a mental clarity to take on challenges on a daily basis. One of his biggest goals is to teach others how to benefit from fitness as he has.

While his calisthenics background has helped complement his climbing skills, climbing was not an ideal sport due to his short wingspan. However, he is adamant about overcoming these disadvantages through unwavering hard work. Aside from working on himself, he is passionate about teaching and wants to show the world that a mundane and tedious activity can be fun and rewarding.


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