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Operations Manager

Zaid first started occasionally climbing in 2010 as it wasn’t as mainstream a sport as it is now and he likes to explore and try new things. Now he’s a self-proclaimed weekend warrior and a grade chaser. He dove into the industry without much expectations than just working in a climbing gym. Fast forward to today, he’s been working and growing in the industry for over 5 years. Gaining different types of experience in various sides of the climbing industry, and just simply enjoying the working environment the climbing industry has given.

His biggest learning experience was from the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) convention in 2018, at Boulder, Colorado. Being exposed to the climbing scene in Colorado greatly changed his view and vision as to how the climbing industry in this little red dot can be and its massive potential. He also attended the Petzl Work-at-Heights course conducted by Petzl themselves which exposed him to various ways to approach problem solving in a climbing gym (boring subject but someone’s gotta do it).

His most exciting climb and one he often shares about is his multi pitch experience on Mount Royal in Frisco, Colorado. A supposedly 1500ft easy slab climb which he totally got wrecked. He’s now dipped his toes in route setting which he deemed “A HUGE learning curve” and he enjoys the joy of climbers sending the projects.

“Climbing is one of the very few sports where it can be truly scary and overwhelming to get into. Where tighter shoes are the way to go and the route you fall on is actually someone else’s warm up route. Whatever it is, remember that these strong climbers take manicure and pedicure seriously, and they apply lotion onto their skin. Bottom line, climbers are friendly creatures.”


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